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Bomas and rooms are fitted with solarsystems for lights. The whole office operation, fridges in Bar and kitchen are on solar. A generator is only used for emergencies. The springwater spa receives the water direct from Eliye Springs, which is a healthy water recourse. No chemicals whatsever are used to maintain the water.

Recycling: empty mineralwater bottles are used to construct several structures. For now reception and the new Crocodile Boutique are built with bottles in a unique way. For us empty bottles are not a nuisance-we need them for construction.

Old tires: one sample of a small coffee table out of old tires is already done, other designs are on the way.

Organic waste is used in our shamba to produce compost.

All Bomas and Manyattas are constructed with local available materials and constructed from local women.

About Eliye

Eliye Springs Resort is located on the Western shores of Lake Turkana, 65KMs from Lodwar town,Northern part of Kenya. Transfer to and from Eliye Springs Resort can be organized through our bookings office.

The Office

Eliye Springs Resort.
Address: P.O Box 671-30600
Location: Kapenguria
P: +254-703-891-810
P: +254-738-827-522

Thurai Office

Eliye Springs Resort.
Location: Thurai
P: +8821643342194

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